Why Pinterest Is Good for Business

Why Pinterst is good for business and four Examples of Businesses Using Pinterest (And Why They Are Good) that demonstrate it.If you’ve been keeping up with the latest social media trends, you know that Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing networks around. You’ve probably also heard stories of how great it is for marketing. It almost sounds too good to be true.

The truth is that Pinterest is an excellent resource for marketers, but you have to know how to use it properly in order to get results. Here are four examples of businesses that are doing well on Pinterest, along with the details of what they’re doing right.


1. Whole Foods Market – Food is one of the categories that is naturally a good fit for Pinterest, so Whole Foods has a bit of a built-in advantage. But you can still learn a lot from their success. Rather than focusing on their brand and products, they have worked to create attractive and helpful boards featuring recipes, cooking tips, gardening information and other items that their fans will enjoy. This allows them to keep their followers happy while subtly promoting their products.

2. Etsy – An online marketplace for handmade and vintage items, Etsy also has built-in visual appeal. They’ve capitalized on this by creating boards with great themes, such as weddings, fashion and holidays. But they’ve also done some unique things, such as featuring boards by “guest pinners” and pinning do-it-yourself projects from other sites. Etsy is a great example of using the social nature of Pinterest to your advantage.

3. Oreck – As a manufacturer of industrial cleaning machines, Oreck is one brand that doesn’t seem a very good fit for Pinterest. Yet they have a surprisingly large number of followers. Their secret? They barely show their products. Instead, they focus on pinning pretty pictures that are only tangentially related to their offerings. For instance, they have a board entitled “Stunning Floors” that shows attractive flooring, and one called “Furry Friends” that features cute pet photos. The viewer sees something pretty while being subtly reminded of what Oreck products do.

4. Sony – Sony has done an excellent job of utilizing Pinterest as a marketing tool. They take the time to create attractive pins of their products that beg to be shared, but that’s only a small part of their strategy. They regularly repin items related to their brand from the boards of other users, and they use “Pin It” buttons to make it easy for users to pin items from their website. They’ve even come up with innovative ways to encourage fans to share content, such as creating exclusive deals that are unlocked once a related pin is repinned a given number of times.

When it comes to utilizing Pinterest for business, these brands have the right idea. Use their success stories to help form your own winning Pinterest strategy!


Why Pinterest Is Good for Business

One thing that you can always count on in business is that it will evolve. Business has changed to include the use of Pinterest. Keep reading to find out how this social tool can help your business grow.

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social site that is more of a tool for sharing the things and ideas that you love. Think of it as creating a vision board or a visual scrapbook. You can add images, articles, videos, links and whatever else you want (referred to as pins) to a virtual board.

People use Pinterest for a number of things. You can use it to plan a project. Pin pictures of the things you would like to include in the project. Have friends and family members comment on your ideas, or repin the ones that they like to their own boards.

Showcase items on your boards that speak to who you are and what your values are. If you are big into saving the environment, use Pinterest boards to let others know what projects you are working on or to highlight socially conscious companies.

Reach people from all walks of life with similar interests. Comment on the other boards and find images to enhance your own work.

Reasons to Use Pinterest for Your BusinessOften, what is profitable for socializing is also profitable for a business venture. Many are skeptical about Pinterest. But, remember that they said the same thing about Facebook and Twitter. So, here are a few reasons why this social tool is good for your business.

* Shares your values – As an online company, people are usually not ready to trust you without knowing something about you. Use Pinterest to create an image board with a theme that lets visitors and customers in on who the person behind the name really is.

* Create an enticing profile – Other business owners are also looking at Pinterest for ideas and to find people to partner with. Your profile is the place to tell everything about your enterprise. Add vivid images, your logo and lots of description, including a tag line if you have one.

* Easy to share with others – Embed the Pin It bookmarklet on your website and blogs so that others can pin your images and articles with others. It can increase your following on Pinterest.

* Showcase your products – What better place than a site that is big into images to let others see some of your biggest products available? But don’t just pin them to a board. Create a theme around them to increase the desire for the product.

There is business value in using Pinterest to help build your brand. We’ve just given you a few viable reasons why today is the day to set up an account.


How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Business Checklist

1.  I understand how Pinterest can boost my social network status (especially on Facebook) – as well as my Google searchability I have:
Already signed up with Pinterest
Not signed up yet with Pinterest

2.  I have read:
Pinterest’s Guidelines
Pinterest’s Help section (which I understand is basically a focused and clear collection of short tutorials)
I have selected relevant people on Pinterest to Follow; and several Pinboards

3.  I have created at least five of my own Pinboards:

4.  I have made sure they are related to my narrow niche’s interests (and the largely female audience)
I am aware that I can create my own categories, using my own keywords
I have made judicious use of Pinterest Categories, descriptions and Tags for my photos
5.  I have visited Pinterest’s Goodies page and:
Set up a “Pin It” button for my browser Bookmarks bar
Generated and copied my unique, personal “Follow me on Pinterest” icons with code
Generated a “Pin It” button for my website or blog photos, to encourage others to share
Placed these two latter items on my websites and blogs
I am sharing my Pins on Facebook and Twitter
I am sharing the Pins of others on Facebook and Twitter
6.  When it comes to others’ Pinboards and pins, I am also:
7.  I am aware that I should not:
Violate copyright
Share images whose Right-Click or Pinterest share-ability has been disabled
Post negative or controversial content
Forget to credit others’ photos and pins wherever and whenever possible
Lose focus on relevancy!
8.  I know I should:
Concentrate on uplifting and beautiful photos to share
Choose positive quotes and content to share
Credit others’ photos and pins wherever and whenever possible
Other __________________________
I am aware that Pinterest offers a mobile app for iPhones
I am aware I can use a Mobile app for iPhone with Pinterest via Mobile
9.  I will make sure the sites I send people to via links or QR codes in my Pins delivers:
Exactly what my pin promises
Very high value
Information on Pinterest – even my own Pinterest practices
“Follow me on Pinterest” buttons
“Pin It” buttons for my website graphics
10.  I have created a Pinterest Marketing Strategy, after familiarizing myself with the network
I can incorporate one or more of the following ideas into my Pinterest marketing:
Create a themed group board for my niche
Pin images from my clients
Create a group scavenger hunt of pins
Host a Pinboard tour
Host a Pinterest Pintalk
Include a Pinterest FAQ page on my website or blog
I have uploaded a screen shot of my FAQ page to one of my Pinterest Pinboards
I have invited others to add their own Pinterest pins
Throw a Pinterest Party
Hold a Monthly Pinboard Contest
Use large text for infographics
Let my personality shine
Focus on my customers’ and clients’ lifestyles, not product
Include keywords in each Pinboard description
I have added Pinterest to my Facebook Timeline
I have enabled my Pinterest email settings and customized them to my preferences
I have enabled Pinterest “News” so I can be the first to know about updates
I am using keywords in my descriptions
I am making my descriptions dynamic, exciting, intriguing, clear
I am creating the habit of making sure I “Set Board Cover” with my best photograph for each Pinboard
11. I am using:
@ tags to particular users
# hashtags
I understand these do not work quite the way I am used to with Twitter and Facebook
12.  Although I am keeping a personal feel, I am also creating boards that focus on my customers’ and clients’:
13.  I am making sure my products are not just photographed “as is”, but placed in settings or under use in a way that is relevant to my potential purchaser
14.  I am making use of Pinterest Search for:
I am commenting, Liking and following other Pinners and Pinboards
I am aware that Pinterest currently replaces my affiliate links with their own with certain marketing networks such as Amazon
I am posting, sharing and commenting regularly and daily – for at least ten minutes a day
I have made my daily Pinterest visit a simple and enjoyable habit – that can grow my business.

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