Why a Kickstarter Project is Just Like Your Busines

Why a Kickstarter project is mirror on how you run your business.  In Ryon Lane’s article in YoungEntrepreneur.com, he shares what he learned in his first Kickstarter campaign. The same principles that you need to use to craft the Kickstarter campaign are what you need to do for your business.  If you replace Ryon’s Kickstarter “backers” with “customers”, and “story” with “product or service” it is easier to see:

 Kick Start You Business

1. Listen to your paying customers.  Track, measure and evaluate your results and make adjustments.

2. Your product or service should be simple and clear.  Don’t make it too confusing for the buyers, or they will not know what to chose and never buy.

3. Be realistic and smart with your budget.  Do you need to offer products (or services) in all sizes and colors, and bells and whistles at the beginning? No. Use your money wisely and produce the product your audience needs to solve there problem.  Then listen to them on how they want the options.

4. The window to purchase is often small, and you must convert your prospect to a paying customer before they get distracted with something else.  There is too much going on in the world around them that most people get distracted and forget about you and your product –   You have to content with the boss, grocery list, kids soccer, report due by Friday, what was that noise…well you get the idea.  Get the product (or service) in there hands, so that they can reap the benefits.    

5.  You need other people talking about how your product or service helped them. When your current customers talk about how your product or service saved them money, solved a problem, reduced there steps from 9 to 3, gave them the information quicker, or what ever you do to make there life easier, they have more credibility about your product benefits.

 Let us know how you would run your Kickstarter project.


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