Where to Find Case Studies

When you are ready to write your content or create your teaching material, do you know where to find case studies?  All you need is a few good case studies. There are actually a few steps you can take to find quality case studies online.

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Business Schools

Students in business schools are often required to write case studies for their classes. These case studies are then stored in the libraries for future use. Additionally, many companies make their case studies available to business schools. This makes business school libraries an ideal location to find top quality case studies. Harvard Business School, for example, has a library of case studies.

Case Study Business Services and Consultants

If you’re seeking business case studies, then there are a number of services which publish case studies. They may also categorize and store case studies for business students. One example is CasePlace, which is a free service designed for students in business school. Membership is required, but as a member you can search by category or topic and bookmark or save case studies and sample case studies.  Or BusinessCaseStudies, where they teach business by example.

Good Old-Fashioned Search Engines

Another way to find case studies is to use a search engine. Simply type the keywords for your niche topic and the words “case study” and see what pops up on the results. For example, “case study dog training” generated almost six million results. The first couple of pages produced viable case studies that you can download.

Evaluating Case Studies

Not all case studies are well written and useful. Some read like long copy sales pages. You’ll likely have to read a few bad studies to find the good ones that you can use in your material. Look for case studies that are laid out in a logical manner and written in a clear and user friendly manner. They will ideally present a problem and back that problem up with facts and data.

A process or procedure will follow and this is often where client interviews are utilized. The client will outline their problem and the path they took to find a solution. Then a solution is presented and again this will be backed up with factual data and experiences. These are the case studies to use for your business teachings and content.

Be careful how you use case studies. Always give credit to the source of your information and when it’s appropriate, link to the case study online. Case studies aren’t hard to find; however, good ones may be more of a challenge than you might imagine. Once you find a good source of quality case studies, bookmark it so you can quickly refer back to them whenever you need a study.


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