The Power of Testimonials

The Power of Testimonials

Customer testimonials are great for building trust and credibility. Prospects want to hear, see, read what others say about your products or services.  Potential customers do not want to take the business owners word for it. Here are a few ways to help you get testimonials.

You may already get some unsolicited testimonials, so when you receive positive feedback, ask the customer if your business can include their feedback on your website. See if they’ll provide a small photo to go with it. While you can use feedback without permission, you cannot disclose their identity unless permission is granted.

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As a business owner, you should also actively seek out feedback from your customers because this is one of the best sales tools you will ever have. You already have many clients who value your product or service, but for whatever reason they don’t let you know. Many would be happy to offer feedback or a full testimonial if you ask. You may want to send out an email requesting feedback a few times a year. You could do a survey asking what they liked, how it helped and what improvements they’d like to see.

You can take it one step further and request audio, video or social media testimonials. These are very powerful because they cannot easily be faked. Plus, audio and video are able to make a more solid connection with people than words alone so potential customers are more likely to believe someone if they can hear or see them.

If possible, try to save your original feedback emails, survey results or pictures and store them in a safe place. This will not only give you proof that the customer wrote it, if it were ever questioned, but it will also give you lots of ideas in case you want to improve upon and existing product or create a new product.

Keep in mind that you want concrete, specific information from your customers on how your product or service helped them. If left on their own, they might just tell you “It’s great!” These vague testimonials lack credibility. What you really need are specifics. You want your testimonials to be like a review of your product or service from everyday users and what they gained by using it.  Here are the type of questions you may want to ask – and you can customize them to your business:

  1. What was there condition before they used your product or service?
  2. How easy or quick your product or service? Or the number of steps? Or how long it took?
  3. What there life is like now that your product or service?

For example, if you are selling a weight loss program, find out how much weight they lost and how long it took. If you are a business consultant selling a traffic building course, find out how much their traffic increased and how long it took after they implemented your techniques.

Displaying testimonials from satisfied customers goes a long way towards convincing prospects to buy your product or service. With just a little work and encouragement, you can have great testimonials to display on your website.


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