Making Your App Profitable

One huge issue that business owners and developers face with making your app development is making a (successful) app profitable. Even if you have an app that’s getting downloads and garnering buzz, you still have a long way to go before you can call it a success. Many apps hit the market, get tons of downloads and never make their developers any real money.

How do you make your app profitable?

==> Use Four or Five Ad Networks

One of the most common mistakes developers make is just using one ad network.

On the web, this is common practice. You sign up for one ad network, insert your code and you’re done. For mobile apps, this isn’t the way to go.

Remember that mobile ad networks today are much, much smaller than web ad networks. Most of them don’t have enough inventory to continually fill heavily used apps. In other words, users who use your apps a certain number of times a day just won’t see any ads because they hit their frequency cap and the ad network has no more ads to show.

Furthermore, many ad networks just don’t have that many different kinds of advertisers. They might only have text or only image ads. They aren’t showing a range of ads to users to maximize their chances of clicking.

To really get people to click on the most ads possible, you should be rotating four or five ad networks.

==> Update Frequently and Promote Often

Have you noticed how often Angry Birds publishes updates? Users are constantly getting notifications of new levels, new birds and new features.

Furthermore, in wintertime they release their Winter update, their Christmas Level pack and so on.

Do the same. Update and promote often to generate more buzz and garner more users.

==> Test Different Ad Areas

Test out different places to put your ads to get the highest CTRs. Where you put your ad and where in the user flow your ad shows up has a big impact on CTR.

For instance, let’s say you have a calculator. You might try putting the ad before or the ad after they make a calculation.

Remember to test image ads versus text ads. Also, test different ad networks and swap out the ones that generate the lowest eCPMs.

==> Consider Load Times

If you’re using image ads, try using the same ad on each page. Otherwise, the image may not even have time to load before people move on to the next page. Alternatively, if you have pages that users tend to stay on for a long time, go ahead and keep rotating image ads.

For text ads, keep rotating them to generate maximum variety.

Making your app profitable is a constant process of refinement. Don’t expect to make money just because people are downloading your app. You have to get them to actually click on your ads.


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