How to Use Email to Market Your Business

While social media gets all the hype and attention, learn how to use email to market your business is still one of the best ways for any business. It’s also quite personal which is ideal for any business where your sales are often dependent on your connection with your prospect.  Here are a few tips and suggestions to use email to market your business.


#1 Send Customers and Prospects a Catalog

Any past customer should ideally be notified whenever there’s a new product catalog or service offering. If your company offers a digital catalog then that makes it easy to send. You can send out a mass email to your customers with the link to the new catalog.

#2 New Promotional Announcements

Chances are your business offers special promotions from time to time. Imagine being a customer who missed out on those special promotions. It’d be disappointing to say the least. Keep your customers in the loop by notifying them via email whenever there is an opportunity to save, try a new product, or take advantage of a special promotion.

#3 Your Email Signature

Including a special email signature in all of your email communications, personal and professional. It can be something as simple as a quote, your contact information, and a link to your website. You could also include a coupon code in your signature to entice new customers to try your products.

#4 Free Useful Content

Many business owners offer a weekly or monthly newsletter, magazine/e-zine or tips, videos, webinars or conferences calls. This offers a fantastic opportunity to provide useful information, share experiences, and of course subtly promote your products. For example, you could include helpful tips about your products or services. You could provide information related to your products or services.

For example, if you sell pet products you might share an article about how to keep your pet safe during the holidays. Your information doesn’t need to sell your products – just provide relevant and valuable information to your audience. You can also share demonstration videos, testimonials and other tidbits related to your direct sales business.

If you don’t presently have an email marketing strategy for your direct sales business, now’s the time to create one. There are many options to email services and design that can provide professional-looking email “free useful content” you can profit from.

Picture: By Sean MacEntee via Flickr


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