How to Use Apps to Track Your Brilliant Ideas

How often have you had an amazing, world-changing, life-altering idea only to forget it by the time you get home? It happens to everyone and it’s a darned shame. A simple smartphone and a few wonderful mobile applications and you’ll be changing the world with your brilliance in no time.


Step #1 Identify Your Smartphone Operating System

There are essentially two types of smartphones, Android and the iPhone. Blackberry and Windows are also available. However, the majority of developers focus on the big two – Android and iPhone.

Step #2 Honestly Assess Your Productivity Personality

How are you most likely to track a brilliant idea? There are essentially two ways to track an idea – verbally, by speaking your idea, or written. Yet most ideas don’t stop with a single sentence. When you have a strike of brilliance you probably also instantly create a mental list of things you need to do. For example, you may need to call a few people, visit a few websites, and research the potential. So there’s a task list involved and potentially some research.

Spend some time thinking about how your ideas usually come to you and how you want to document them. This information will help you eliminate mobile application trial and error. You can pinpoint the right apps for you and start using them effectively right away.

Step #3 Remember Your Peeps

Chances are you don’t work alone. You may have a partner, an administrative assistant or a whole team of employees or contractors. These are the people you may want to include when you have a stroke of brilliance.

Consider how you might share your ideas with them. For example, if you like to dictate your ideas, your partner may not appreciate having to listen to a ten-minute stream of consciousness audio. They may prefer to receive a transcribed email or a bulleted list of the major points.

Step #4 Identify Your Apps

The next step is the most fun. It involves shopping in the app store. You may want to do some research first. When you find an app that seems to fit the bill and matches your needs and personality, read the reviews both in the store and online. Search for the app online and read the reviews that you find in the search results.

Step #5 Download, Embrace, and Assess

Download the productivity application and start using it. It’s going to be different than what you’re used to, so you may need to force yourself to use it the first few times. If you find that the application just isn’t working for you, assess why and start searching for a new app that meets your modified needs. If it does work for you then you’re on your way to never losing another brilliant idea ever again. Congratulations!

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