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With the mass migration of businesses to the online platform, you’ve become all-too-familiar with the mantra “get traffic; more and more traffic”; especially in the early days of search engine optimization and the first hints of the importance of social media. Today, however, merely getting traffic isn’t enough because everybody’s doing it: converting ever larger percentages of that traffic using automatic lead followup with customers is the only way you’re going to get it done in the competitive business marketplace. If you’re not generating leads from all that traffic, then you can certainly bet your competitors will find them and welcome them with open arms.

What then, can you do? Autoresponders were and still are all the rage; but you’ve got to realize that they are largely for the low-high profit margin type businesses that depend on volume to benefit from the leads and conversions. For you, the small business owner who balks at the idea that much of your traffic turns away to a competitor and you’re depending on only the sheer volume for you to emerge on the plus side, then a suite of programs under an umbrella of automatic lead followup with customers is the way to go. Automating your ezine, email newsletter, social media interactions and more can close ranks around your client list, making sure the message has time to marinate and then spread. With all the competing sources of information out there, much of it trying to sell the same thing you are – even if they’re not saying the same things – only automatic lead followup with customers is going to be able to stop another whisperer from getting inside their ears.

The earlier tirade on Autoresponders wasn’t meant to malign them; they are some of the most useful lead generation and lead followup devices in existence; just make sure you don’t stop there –they work best in conjunction with a multi-tiered program. The reason is simple: statistics show that it takes an average of 5-7 encounters to close a sale! With a substantial amount of traffic, only large corporations could even conceivably afford to hire the personnel to handle that kind of volume personally. Clearly, then, an automatic lead followup with customers isn’t a luxury for the small business, but a necessity that will increase all the relevant metrics of productivity.


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