How to Embrace Cloud Computing

You’ve probably heard of cloud computing, but do you know how to embrace cloud computing?  It’s the practice of using a network of remote servers to store your information and access programs. Instead of downloading software to your own server or computer, you can simply access and utilize the software online. The same is true for your data and information. Instead of saving, for example, all of your documents and images on your computer, you can save them on the cloud.

How to Embrace Cloud Computing #1 The Benefits of Cloud Computing

The benefits for large businesses are apparent. They can store massive amounts of data on the cloud and it provides them with the opportunity to broaden their infrastructure. But what can it do for a small business owner?

* Save Money – Many cloud-based applications are pay as you go. You don’t have to fork over hundreds, or thousands, of dollars to purchase software. You simply pay on a monthly basis for what you need.

* More Freedom and Variety – Cloud-based applications are growing exponentially. Cloud computing provides business owners with the freedom to try various solutions and find the one that best fits their needs without incurring hefty expenses.

* More Security – While it may seem to be insecure to store all of your information ‘out there,’ it’s actually more secure. With a consistent backup routine and system, you don’t have to worry about your server going down or losing information on your computer. Cloud computing is quite reliable.

* Immediate Access from Anywhere – When you function on the cloud you can access your applications and files anywhere at any time. All you need is an internet connection. This makes doing business significantly easier.

#2 Examples of Cloud Computing

Chances are you’re already using cloud computing on some level. For example, if you use an external invoicing application like FreshBooks then that’s an example of cloud computing. You’re not storing the software or the invoices on your computer. Google Docs is another example of cloud computing.

#3 So How Do You Embrace Cloud Computing?

The first step is to do a bit of research. Take a look at the various opportunities there are to build your business this way. Explore applications you may find useful and also applications you may already be using. Talk to other business owners, too. Discover how they’re using the cloud to run their business.

The second step is to try it out. Integrate a few of your tasks and strategies to the cloud. Take small steps if it feels uncomfortable. For example, transition your invoicing or your document creation and storage to a cloud-based application.

Integrate backups to make yourself feel more secure. It can feel a bit overwhelming at first. Putting a solid backup plan in place will help you ease into cloud computing.

Finally, track the time and cost savings. Chances are you’ll be able to quickly realize that cloud computing is not only here to stay; it’s also incredibly useful.

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