How to Boost Authority with an EBook

The world of books has drastically changed over the past five years, so discover how to boost authority with an ebook. Today you can write a book and publish it online without having to wait months or years to be accepted by a publisher. You can be the publisher of an eBook and make it available to your demanding public in just a few days.

Why Publish an EBook?

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EBooks are incredibly successful business marketing tools. They can be used to:

* Give away for free to build an email list
* Give away for free to promote your products or services
* Earn passive income
* Generate awareness for you and your business
* Establish you as an authority in your niche industry – when you write a book and provide valuable information to your audience, they in turn respect, trust, and look to you for more information and advice. They become customers.

Of course there are a few tips and strategies to build that authority. It’s generally not a great idea to create an eBook without a detailed strategy and plan. Let’s take a look at the tips and tactics pros use to boost authority with eBooks.

Tips for Success

#1 Make sure your book title makes a promise. People often get caught up on trying to come up with a creative book title. However, if the title doesn’t immediately tell potential readers what they have to gain, they may pass your book by.

#2 Write a good book but don’t wait for it to be perfect. Don’t get caught in the perfection trap. It slows you down. Instead, gather your resources and knowledge and create the best book you know how. Focus on providing quality information.

#3 Be specific and unique. When creating your eBook, share specific and valuable information. Address a unique problem your audience is dealing with and show them how to solve it. It doesn’t matter whether your book is 50 pages or 500 pages, as long as it is focused on a single unique topic. For example, instead of writing a book on “how to lose weight,” you might write a book on “how to lose weight by changing your mindset.”

Speaking of creating a unique eBook, let’s discuss voice for a minute. Voice is the term used to describe the way you present information. If you’re a sarcastic person, then your book may have a sarcastic voice. It’s how your personality comes through in your writing. Embrace your voice – it will attract your ideal customers to you. It will help make your book stand out from the rest and it will help brand your business. If you hire a ghost writer, be sure to discuss the voice you want for your book.

Finally, get expert help. Hiring a ghost writer for your eBook is certainly an option. However, you are likely more than capable of writing it yourself. Where it makes great sense to get expert help, however, is with your editing and book cover. Hire a pro to take a look at your book and help you make it as professional as possible.


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