Facebook Mobile Advertising Explained

One of the most exciting changes in mobile advertising is Facebook’s rollout of their mobile advertising platform. In the past, the only advertising you could do was through apps and through web. Yet many people spend more time on Facebook than on any other app on their smartphone.

Today, advertisers can buy advertising targeted directly towards mobile users. How does it work, how does it perform and how can you take advantage of this platform? Read on.

==> How It Works

Facebook’s mobile advertising works quite differently than their standard web advertising platform.

The standard web advertising platform works on a CPC basis. Ads are shown next to content and advertisers have to use text and images to catch attention.

Mobile ads on the other hands are inserted directly into the user’s news feed stream. The ads are marked as “Sponsored Stories.”

Because the mobile screen is smaller and because ads are directly in the user’s feed, it’s very hard for users to completely ignore the mobile ad.

==> What Have the Results Been?

According to AdParlor, a company that does Facebook advertising for Audi, LG and other high-end brands, Facebook’s mobile advertising works even better than their web advertising.

Here are some of the stats that AdParlor provided:

* On web advertising, the average click-through rate (CTR) was 0.086%. On mobile, the average CTR was 1.32%. That’s a higher than 50% increase!

* Facebook users who see an ad on a mobile device are 15 times more likely to click than users who see an ad in a web browser.

* They’re also 63% more likely to “like” a sponsored story.

In short, the statistics show that Facebook ads are indeed showing a lot of promise.

==> How Can You Use This to Your Advantage?

One flaw in the above study is that they only used data from brand-oriented advertisers. Response-oriented advertisers need to think a bit differently.

Mobile traffic generally doesn’t convert right up front. It’s very hard to get someone to pull out their credit card and buy something on their phones.

Instead, the best way to market to mobile users is to collect their name and email and complete the sale at a later time.

Create a landing page specifically for mobile users and send your Facebook traffic to that page. Experiment with different kinds of ads to get the highest CTR possible and the highest opt-in rates possible.

Note: To create a Facebook mobile ad, you need to use Facebook’s Power Editor tool or a third party tool rather than Facebook’s basic ad creator.

Facebook mobile advertising is still very much in its experimental phase. Just as there was a lot of money to be made in AdWords’ early days, the same is true of Facebook’s mobile advertising. Experiment, try new things and be one of the first advertisers to try this exciting new form of advertising.


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