Facebook Live Tips

Want to discover some quick and dirty, nitty gritty Facebook live tips?

Facebook Live (FBL) videos can only be done on phone or tablet, not a desktop or laptop computer.


Because filming live videos mean you are out experiencing an event or thought and¬†can not take your laptop out to do this. ūüôā


Facebook Live Tips for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs:

  1. There must be a strong internet connection, or the FBL will not even allow you to launch
  2. Make sure device (phone or tablet) has plenty of battery left or is plugged in.
  3. Make sure have plenty of space/memory on your device. Depending upon the device you may want to purchase a memory card
  4. Practice Рcan either create a private GROUP to practice in because a group can have security settings.  Or if performing a FBL on a PAGE, chose the private option
  5. How long can a Facebook Live video be? Currently, it is 90 minutes
  6. Hold your phone or device vertical, not horizontal
  7. Create a helpful title.  I recommend emailing yourself the title of the video so you can copy and paste before you start
  8. There is about a 6-8 second delay when you speak and the audience hears
  9. When starting and ending the video, be still, have a good pose and smile, looking at the camera
  10. If you want to film yourself reading or showing text, you will have to switch the camera view to the back side. For example, when I am using a whiteboard to demo items, I have to change the setting on the camera so that the text is readable for the audience
  11.  Post it prompter Рusing a post it note as a teleprompter!
  12.  Have rough outline to follow to keep you on track.  A format to follow is  Рproblem, intro-name and company, solution, benefit/recap, call to action (CTA)
  13. The call to action, CTA,  should be easy to remember or act, such as a user-friendly URL or web address, or easy next step
  14. Don’t skimp on the sound, your audience is more likely to forgive poor video than poor audio
  15. A pleasant or good background is recommended when filming yourself.  A tip is to stand a foot away from the wall, then film
  16. Standing instead of sitting will give you more energy
  17. Have fun and speak clearly

What tips have you discovered using Facebook Live video?



  • Chad

    Reply Reply December 3, 2016

    Great tips. Do you use a microphone when recording live?

    • Kim D Snyder

      Reply Reply December 3, 2016

      Yes Chad, if you are in a noisy place. Generally, if I am at home, or quiet place, and am close to the phone/tablet, then I don’t use a microphone.

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