Facebook Live Benefits

Facebook live benefits for your business will differ from Groups and Pages, and they are all positive.  For Groups, it is always to connect with your community and get a 2-way interaction.  For using Pages, it is for getting exposure and expertise to your people that are interested that may have joined your community yet.

2 reasons:  purpose and re-purpose

Facebook Live benefits:

  1. Foster community by sharing information
  2. Share VIP or exclusive information to community
  3. Involve your user community as asking for questions or struggles they have
  4. Get almost immediate feedback on ideas – everything from book titles, struggles with business, the next facebook challenge topic they want
  5. Impromptu
  6. Share an idea, thought, approach that may be hard to type
  7. Share a behind the scenes exclusive
  8. sometimes answering questions via Facebook Live video is more effective
  9. Create content
  10. Reach more people and share expertise knowledge via a PAGE
  11. In the meantime, can have them call in, use another screen to bring them in or use Facebook live to promo the event and then do a webinar.
  12. When 2 way Facebook live is available, bring a guest expert to share their info to your community.

Notify audience FBL is coming

  1. Schedule an event on your page or group
  2. Do a teaser Facebook Live video and come on early to your page or group and announce time and topic you will share later that day
  3. Schedule a regular time… sort of like an office hours, or ask the expert
  4. If you don’t notify your audience ahead of time, you can start speaking and giving announcements and give time to join live…. don’t forget they can watch the replays later if you leave them up
  5. Public or private content? means group or page

How to Re-purpose Facebook Live videos

  1. If want to download the facebook video
    1. From device – place on cloud storage such as google drive, one drive or dropbox
    2. From laptop – download it
  2. Upload to YouTube

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