9 SEO Tips For Your Local Listings

Here are 9 SEO tips for your local area because having a good website ranking in your local area is definitely beneficial to your business.  SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is very important when it comes to giving your business the local attention it needs.

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1. One good way to boost your ranking with search engines for area-specific searches is to get involved in local online communities. Many times you are able to include a link to your website when participating in discussions at these online forums. Make sure that posting a link isn’t against the rules of the forum. You don’t want to be guilty of spamming any community.

2. Another great way to help your business be recognized by the search engines is to use keywords in your content as well as your page title. This small measure is very important in boosting your ranking. Don’t overload your site with keywords, but make sure you include enough of them so the search engines can tell what your website is about.

3. If you want your ranking to be high in a specific area, make sure you mention your location in several different places on your website. This helps search engines see that your website is affiliated with a specific area.

4. Put your profile on search engine directories. Although Google is the top-ranked search engine, don’t forget to put your profile on other sites as well. The more listings you have online, the more likely you are to be found.

5. Create profiles on social networks. This is a great way to get local attention. Add people you already know and get them to “like” your page or “follow” you. This will help get attention from others that are on the site.

6. Provide photos of your business on your website. Local directories like to be able to provide users with photos of  businesses they have listed.

7. If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to launch a blog. Make sure you regularly post and update the information on your blog. Don’t forget to include pertinent information about your business and promote it.

8. Make sure you get reviews and testimonials from customers. You have done your part and done it well. It’s only right that you should be rewarded.

9. Don’t forget that links are very important. Building links anywhere and everywhere you can will help your search engine ranking as well. Another thing you may be able to do is exchange links with other businesses in your target location. This is something that can help you both. You want to concentrate your efforts on getting quality links.

Businesses definitely face daily challenges, especially during these tough economic times. Choosing how to spend your marketing budget can be a tough decision and it is one that can either help your business or harm it terribly. Choose wisely and stay on top of your marketing plan. The more active you are in spreading the word about your business, the more likelihood you will have of boosting your rankings and keeping them where you want them to be.

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